Monday, March 23, 2009

The convenience store in our life

We always can hear the solgon "Alway open 7-11" from TV in our daily life. Yes, it's a convenience store's advertisement, we can find the stores everywhere in Taiwn. The convenience store is an important facility in our life nowadays. When we go out for the job or school everyday, we'd like to choose a convenient way to get the breakfast or other food for saving time, but people don't like anything in dullness and prefer to have various goods for choice, the convenience store can satisfy people who need fast and plentiful sevice in theri rush time.
Today, there are fewer and fewer traditional grocery stores. The shoppers are unwilling to buy goods in traditional grocery stores because the space is too narrow and dark and the grocery stores don't have additional service such as the utility bills payment and parking payment etc, we can finish separate things in the same place, so the convenience stores can integrate into our life so deeply.
7-11 convenience stores not only provide the various goods and service but also know how to set up a typical logo to attract the shopper's attention. Open 將 is the famous case, the childen in Taiwan will shop in 7-11 in order to collect the toys even the adults. Have you ever counted how many times you will shop in the convenience stores a week, I think you can find how close the 7-11 is in your life!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


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我覺得我發生了一些事, 露西.
聖誕來臨, 但我不快樂.
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我不懂聖誕節, 我猜.
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彼克, 你是我唯一知道能雪中送碳的人。
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have Lunch in a Forest

There was a cold current on this weekend, but it was still sunny outside and pefect for a tour, so I desided to have a lunch with my friends. After discussing, we went to a restaurant with beautiful scenery in Daxi where located on the riverside and well known on internet (which is the instruction of dining out and playing). It includes several wooden buildings with European country style, and the gardens connect each building. Combine all blocks together, it looks like a small forest. We walked into the inner building and had lunch inside.

We picked a seat close the window with a beatiful view, and chatted all the time while ate meals. After meal, here came the snacks and scented tea, even all of the foods were not as delicious as hearsay, but we still enjoyed all the time there.

It's really a rare charming day. After full of job for a week, having a tour with friends is so good to relax ourselves. By the way, I can talk with my friends about my family, my worries or my plans everything I want to say, and they could give some suggestions and supports to me. We may get the information that we interest from talking and know how is everything going with each other, it is the best way to release our emotions and also can improve the friendship, so gathered with my friends is the wonderful thing in my life.
Finally, we took a picture to remember our visit here, and evidently I am the glaringest one , because it my first time wore this shoes, ha ha ha ......

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How about teaching !

My friend July she teaches in an elementary school, I always heard the complaint about students and their parents. She always told me she has no idea about the conditions of conducting with her students. For example, if the judgment of homework you just signed OK, parents would think you didn't care about the attainment their children have got, and if you written too much about commentary, they also thought that how could you be so critical and serious, they just didn't do it in the way you expected, but they have still done it as they could. Actually, parents really pay much attention to what schooling their children have received nowadays, because of the high eduation and ego, parents always have many opinions to resist the instruction. I know they just want to make things better and improve the state of studying with their children, but sometimes parents protect their children overly cause they have no ability to adapt to any changes in their life.
Teachers play very important roles in society. Even some people say that teaching is routine and boring. In fact, it is by no means an easy job. A good teacher should be knowledgeable, confident, patient, honest, considerate, and receptive to new thing. Now, it also includes communicating with parents and it would be a big rate of all abilities. But there are many advantages of being a teacher. Teacher is a highly respected by society and keeping in touch with young people is the best way to stay young, it is still a envied one because they are entitled to a summer vacation and a winter vacation with pay every year. They can take advantage of vacations to do whatever they want to do.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Meaning in Service

Last Saturday is my little nephew's 2nd birthday, and my family disided to have a dinner party for him. We chosen a restaurant located on the hillside. In front of the restaurant is a wild river valley, it's really beautiful and charming especially in the night. When a waiter took our order, I told him today is my nephew's birthday, and we came to celebrate for him. After 5 minutes, the waiter brought a handmade cake, and gathered his coworkers to sing a birthday song to him. Althought my nephew still ran around the dining table and didn't know what the song meant, but the service there was so warm and made us enjoy the party.
In my view, small businesses can make efforts on the details of processes of customer service to create much added value with the fewer cost. In Taiwan some restaurants give birthday gifts to those who are there on their birthdays, but most gifts are cheap and useless. The companies may misunderstand that the birthday gifts are a kind of special service. But, it is not true. If the companies really want to express their blessings, they can enrich the added value of the birthday gifts. It don't have to be a high price one, only increase a little custom idea. I think if employees gave different meanings to each kind of cake, so the cake has the added value to us. It was an unforgettable birthday gift. In the future, if my friends and I want to celebrate someone’s birthday, I probably decide to go there again and see what the birthday gift is. The processes of expressing blessings were more important than the actual value of the birthday gifts. Because customers can feel the attentive service for them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Do not drink bottled water that has been left in a car

This information was given to me by a friend and I know I have to pass it on to everyone in my life and please forward it to all frineds in your life too.
Someone whose mother recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told her that everyone should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car, especially in the hot summer time. The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer.
So please be careful and do not drink the water bottle which has been left in a car and pass this on to all the people in your life especially women. This information is the kind we need to know and be aware and just might save us!!!!

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. It's my first time to write on the internet. I will share all my feelings that I feel profundly and anything interesting in my life. So I wish you can reply ardently and give some suggestions about my writing.