Monday, March 23, 2009

The convenience store in our life

We always can hear the solgon "Alway open 7-11" from TV in our daily life. Yes, it's a convenience store's advertisement, we can find the stores everywhere in Taiwn. The convenience store is an important facility in our life nowadays. When we go out for the job or school everyday, we'd like to choose a convenient way to get the breakfast or other food for saving time, but people don't like anything in dullness and prefer to have various goods for choice, the convenience store can satisfy people who need fast and plentiful sevice in theri rush time.
Today, there are fewer and fewer traditional grocery stores. The shoppers are unwilling to buy goods in traditional grocery stores because the space is too narrow and dark and the grocery stores don't have additional service such as the utility bills payment and parking payment etc, we can finish separate things in the same place, so the convenience stores can integrate into our life so deeply.
7-11 convenience stores not only provide the various goods and service but also know how to set up a typical logo to attract the shopper's attention. Open 將 is the famous case, the childen in Taiwan will shop in 7-11 in order to collect the toys even the adults. Have you ever counted how many times you will shop in the convenience stores a week, I think you can find how close the 7-11 is in your life!

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