Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have Lunch in a Forest

There was a cold current on this weekend, but it was still sunny outside and pefect for a tour, so I desided to have a lunch with my friends. After discussing, we went to a restaurant with beautiful scenery in Daxi where located on the riverside and well known on internet (which is the instruction of dining out and playing). It includes several wooden buildings with European country style, and the gardens connect each building. Combine all blocks together, it looks like a small forest. We walked into the inner building and had lunch inside.

We picked a seat close the window with a beatiful view, and chatted all the time while ate meals. After meal, here came the snacks and scented tea, even all of the foods were not as delicious as hearsay, but we still enjoyed all the time there.

It's really a rare charming day. After full of job for a week, having a tour with friends is so good to relax ourselves. By the way, I can talk with my friends about my family, my worries or my plans everything I want to say, and they could give some suggestions and supports to me. We may get the information that we interest from talking and know how is everything going with each other, it is the best way to release our emotions and also can improve the friendship, so gathered with my friends is the wonderful thing in my life.
Finally, we took a picture to remember our visit here, and evidently I am the glaringest one , because it my first time wore this shoes, ha ha ha ......