Sunday, November 23, 2008

How about teaching !

My friend July she teaches in an elementary school, I always heard the complaint about students and their parents. She always told me she has no idea about the conditions of conducting with her students. For example, if the judgment of homework you just signed OK, parents would think you didn't care about the attainment their children have got, and if you written too much about commentary, they also thought that how could you be so critical and serious, they just didn't do it in the way you expected, but they have still done it as they could. Actually, parents really pay much attention to what schooling their children have received nowadays, because of the high eduation and ego, parents always have many opinions to resist the instruction. I know they just want to make things better and improve the state of studying with their children, but sometimes parents protect their children overly cause they have no ability to adapt to any changes in their life.
Teachers play very important roles in society. Even some people say that teaching is routine and boring. In fact, it is by no means an easy job. A good teacher should be knowledgeable, confident, patient, honest, considerate, and receptive to new thing. Now, it also includes communicating with parents and it would be a big rate of all abilities. But there are many advantages of being a teacher. Teacher is a highly respected by society and keeping in touch with young people is the best way to stay young, it is still a envied one because they are entitled to a summer vacation and a winter vacation with pay every year. They can take advantage of vacations to do whatever they want to do.

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